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Meet our team.

RV Service Centre has been providing the finest RV repair service for many years. We’re an independently owned RV repair shop for any make and model vehicle. We’ll do whatever it takes to earn your trust. We believe in providing the highest level of service in all areas of our expertise. We will go the extra mile to provide you with that level of service.

Clint Basin

Lead Technician & Owner

Lead Technician & Owner

Clint has been working in the industry for over 25 years. He started out in the RV industry as the production manager for Wakerley Motorhomes. When they closed their company he started out on his own. No job is too hard from him and is happy to travel the country, he’s even been known to fly over to Australia and work on RV's at the request of customers! The best part? He actually owns his own RV, he’s taken Kelly and kids round the South Island for a few weeks so has hands on experience.


Bruce Sullivan

Senior Technician

Lead Technician & Owner

Bruce has been working hard with Clint since RV Service Centres inception. Also a motor mechanic by trade, Bruce brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Bruce is Clint’s right hand man and between them they know everything!

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Max Kleiss


Max has been working for RV Service for 4+ years. Bruce & Clint have been teaching him everything he needs to know about the industry. He's always happy to help with any of your questions.

2021-07-11 2.jpeg


Justin has recently joined the team. He’s just starting out in the industry. The boys will be teaching him the ropes.



Ben is another new addition to the team. He and Justin are both keen to learn everything there is to know in the industry.


Kelly Bastin

The newest addition to the team! Kelly is Clint’s wife and is here in the business to make sure things run smoothly in the background. You’ll find her at front of house in the new reception area of RVS, providing the coffee while you wait for your machine.

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